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i always impress myself bcause its easier thn impressing people around me.


  • first of all,for sure i love god..
  • second, i love my religion and my prophet..
  • then,i love my my families..
  • to be frank,im a freak if i dont love god's creation named WOMEN..!
  • and to all my friends,u still own a high place in my heart..
  • last but not least,i love my best TEACHER ever named EXPERIENCE..u r da best teacher,n plz dont let me repeat those silly mistakes again..=)


Sunday, February 26, 2012

its been 3 years,2 months and 27 days since u left me.

hey2,wtf.hello love story.its been a while since i last talked about my love be specific my past love story.i love her,used to love her act.she seems so perfect and so precious after she left me.i was blind.i dont know how to translate this idiom,but its just like 'nasi jadi bubur'.now she's gone with other guy.n one thing for sure,if that guy make her cry,i'll dig a grave for him and wont mourne for his death.i dont know how i feel right just lost for a while.yeah,i dont love her anymore.but forgetting her seems impossible.forgetting someone that u used to love is like remembering someone u've never met.yes,thats the word.i lied her,i cheated her,served me right she dump me.and this song is just for her,always for her.

credited to : tengku syaza amalina binti tengku azam

title : pesanan ringkas

bila sebut akan namamu,
ku teringat akan sesuatu,
kisah tentang kau dan aku,
ketika kasih bermadu.

kotak fikiranku terganggu,
memikirkan kesalahanku,
berduaan dengan si dia,
di depan orang tercinta.

kau sukakan aku yg dulu,
sentiasa bersama denganmu,
bermesraan di awan biru,
sambil menyanyikan lagu.

gitar ini menjadi saksi,
betapanya aku sesali,
ku harap engkau memahami,
sepi tanpamu disisi.

yeah,thats the song.i composed,i played,n ising it for her.but it will remain as a memory for me.a sweet memory.u r the best thing that ever happened in my life.we are not together for 3 years already,yet i still cant find the same time,u r happy out there with someone.dis is truely known as karma.hahahahahahaha.served me right.god bless u.if im going to tell about how i feel to her,its going to be blank spaces because im i hope that she will read this.yet,i know she wont.act,im strong enough to remain breathing after three rough years,bcause some of unlucky people who failed in love tend to commit suicide.hahahahahahaha.evil laugh.i dont know what to say actually.i dont know what to write,what to be used to update my blog,till i watched nowadays movie trend is all about love.people love to talk about love.fuck them.u guys know nothing about love asshole.hahahahahahahaha.fuck yourself.till then,i hope that this article shows how strong i am to keep myself away from love stuff.salam.:)