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i always impress myself bcause its easier thn impressing people around me.


  • first of all,for sure i love god..
  • second, i love my religion and my prophet..
  • then,i love my my families..
  • to be frank,im a freak if i dont love god's creation named WOMEN..!
  • and to all my friends,u still own a high place in my heart..
  • last but not least,i love my best TEACHER ever named EXPERIENCE..u r da best teacher,n plz dont let me repeat those silly mistakes again..=)


Monday, March 5, 2012

20th birtday!

its my 20th birthday!5th march 2012,yes,dats da proud of myself for being 20!yes,something tremendous happened.i changed in order of age increasing.previous birthdays,i was hoping for my parents to give me presents.that will make me happy.for this year,its matured enough to tell them that i dont need presents from them.instead,im the one who thanked them because without them i wont live in ths i right?im totally right.they gave me life,they gave me everything.and now its payback time.i'll give them my love and my success.i love u mama and abah.i love u so much.thanks for everything.with love.:D

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