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i always impress myself bcause its easier thn impressing people around me.


  • first of all,for sure i love god..
  • second, i love my religion and my prophet..
  • then,i love my my families..
  • to be frank,im a freak if i dont love god's creation named WOMEN..!
  • and to all my friends,u still own a high place in my heart..
  • last but not least,i love my best TEACHER ever named EXPERIENCE..u r da best teacher,n plz dont let me repeat those silly mistakes again..=)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

bLaCkBeRrY kU sAyAnG

i dont know how i feel right is wrg wit my bb.asyik rosak je kau.haritu button camera,ni skrin.adoi,aku xde duitla nk hntr kau pg repair. kat mobile clinic.i just hope dat miracle will bring u to life.aku syg kau,kau byk cntribute untk aku.waaaa,feel like crying.without my bb im no one.hrp2 pg esok aku bngun,tgk kau dh ok ye bb.plz.plz.kau x ok,aku jual kau.haaa,aku lacurkan kau jd gro.nk?xnk kn.sihatlah kau sebelum kau disihtkn.gdnight bb.get well soon.=)

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