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i always impress myself bcause its easier thn impressing people around me.


  • first of all,for sure i love god..
  • second, i love my religion and my prophet..
  • then,i love my my families..
  • to be frank,im a freak if i dont love god's creation named WOMEN..!
  • and to all my friends,u still own a high place in my heart..
  • last but not least,i love my best TEACHER ever named EXPERIENCE..u r da best teacher,n plz dont let me repeat those silly mistakes again..=)


Friday, January 13, 2012

hOw A mOTher lOve Her cHildRen

mom.someone tht gv birth to us.some people call dis person mom,ibu,bonda,umi,but i prefer to call her mama.she is my bestest friend of all.she gv me love.she gv me food,a home,money,anythg that i wished.evnthough she need 2 get through a lot of troubles or even putting herself in inconvenience state,she will do it.i just wonder,about those crime cases out there,killing their mom,torturing their mom.guys,r u being ungrateful?she ws d one dt show u da world.she carried u 9 months in her could u do that.treat her like a 'mother' u asshole.yet,i used to b a childish person,yelling at my mom,scolding my mom.but i wont do those things now.she is getting older!one day,i will miss her a lot and wish dt i can bring her to a prosperous life in d heaven.i love u mom,more than i love myself.yes,while im writing dis,im crying.why?bcause i love my mom so much.crying for ur beloved one is not a sin,it is smthg that u should be grateful.when dat day come,da day dat i'll never ever see her again on dis world,dat will b my precious moment of life.because i knw,u r a good Allah's slave,n i'll pray to god to forgive all ur sins and put u in heaven.i love u mom.seriously.ADIK SAYANG MAMA.credited to d only,WAN ZARINAH BINTI much i love u,i know u love me more.thanks a bunch mom.:)

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